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HELLO!!! ^^ Lovelifemurderer over here. Nah, call me Shielah. This is my blog (a.k.a. dumpsite ng kaadikan sa bigbang).

Omo!!! Soooo kyuuuut!! ^o^v

Fudgecakes! They really look like the five guys. Shems, TAEYANG: STILL NOT LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!! bwahahahaha xD OMG! Seungri..gayang gaya talaga. Omo omo..they’re so cute talaga…

Wahahaha. Ang cool lang. I reblogged a gif of T.O.P. and then I checked out all the gifs I reblogged. Then I noticed something at the right side just beside the scroll bar. It was a circle button which says “TOP”. So I placed my cursor on the button to read what it does (pagpasensyahan ang walang alam xD), and it said “Scroll back to Top”. So I clicked the ‘TOP’ button then there I saw the first gif on my blog, si T.O.P.


apple :) bored aquuuuu =___=

apple :) bored aquuuuu =___=

TRUE LOVE leaves a MEMORY no one can STEAL, and a HEARTACHE no one can HEAL

Daesung in Running Man.

mehehehe… <3 <3 <3

mehehehe… <3 <3 <3

Pabo&#8230;ahihihi xD

Pabo…ahihihi xD